Top destinations to visit in Tokyo

Tokyo is a must-see attractions in Asia. It is a famous city where still keep both traditional ambiance of Japan’s culture and vibrant atmosphere of modernization. All great destinations in Tokyo plays an important part in developing and preserving the culture of Japanese. Below places brings both modern and ancient beauty style and give guests best experiences and impression of Japan.

Shibuya and Harajuku

Shibuya and Harajuku are ideal places for those who wish to go shopping. Guests have to take a train the Yamanote line to get access to these place so it is rather convenient to encourage them to enter.

Asakusa District

If you wish to learn more about the culture of Japan, remember to visit the Asakusa District. Visitors might feel as if they were immersing into Japanese traditional ambience.

The Sensoji and the Sumida

River are also worthy of exploring. Spend time on exploring an array of sacred Buddhist temples and try to take part in annual famous traditional festivals to understand more about the customs, lifestyle of friendly people in this country. Sure that visitors are able to get memorable experiences.

Besides, because it is a great recreational center in Tokyo, it is a perfect place for entertainment.

Ueno Park

No one can deny the importance of this park during cherry blossom festival. It attracts a larger number of visitors from all over the world on the months of March and early April to enter and enjoy this special occasion. No fee for entrance. Take a few steps to explore Ueno Park, guests will have many chances to enjoy interesting things. They are able to walk along the garden, enjoy refreshing ambience, take a shaper look at the statue of Taigo Takamori. Stop at the Tokyo National Museum or Pagoda Kan’eiji Temple and Bantendo Hall Temple if you love to know more about religion and culture of Japanese.

Tokyo Imperial Palace

Known as the resident of Japan’s Head of the State, it open for pubic tour. Visitors will be astonished at the grandeur and its sophisticated design.

In short, try to explore all these places if you can. I believe that you will never feel regretful when choosing them as ideal destinations for your vacation.